About Reelart

ReelArt consist of two divisions, working both independently and collectively, specialising in the development, financing and production of quality motion pictures and television drama from inception to completion.

Film is managed by ReelArt Media Limited, a UK registered company incorporated in June 2009, and television by ReelArt Television Limited, incorporated in 2011.  By utilizing both divisions, ReelArt is placed to capitalise on worldwide opportunities in both media.

ReelArt’s principals have an impressive track record encompassing all aspects of the Company’s activities.  Matthew O’Toole, Daniel O’Toole and Brian O’Callaghan  have collaborated over the years on a number of successful ventures.

ReelArt is currently developing a slate of intellectual property for film and television exploitation. This includes both original screenplays and those based on other source material.  On a case-by-case basis ReelArt is seeking to package these opportunities in the most expedient and beneficial format.

ReelArt’s principals possess considerable experience within the film financing arena having worked closely with a number of leading media banks (Chase Manhattan, Credit Suisse First Boston, Comerica, and Coutts & Co), insurers and major studios (Paramount, Sony, MGM/UA, Warners).

ReelArt is in the final stages of developing a groundbreaking proprietary financial model.  This will enable the accurate prediction of a film’s revenues and sales potential worldwide in all media.  This is an essential tool in assessing the viability of any project and forms a part of ReelArt’s medium-term strategy for in-house financing.

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