Brian O’Callaghan – Head of Business Affairs

Brian O’Callaghan has a broad range of experience in business and industry management with an in-depth knowledge of contractual issues that surround the film industry.

In 1990 Brian joined forces with Nick Montgomery, former young accountant of the year and Financial Director of McLeod Russell PLC. They designed a financial product to assist in the profiling of companies seeking investment. This methodology would test assumptions and result in a 24-hour assessment. This form of profiling acted as an enabling document that was acceptable to the DTI for grant submissions.  More significantly, it brought Brian into contact with a number of media companies seeking external financing.

In 1993 Brian was asked to assist the late Stanley O’Toole then managing director of Warner Bros in the set up of an independent film company. This relationship endured until Stanley’s death in 2004.  Along with Daniel & Matthew O’Toole, Brian has blueprinted many financing structures which have resulted in collaborations with uber producers Robert Evans, Alan Ladd Jr and several studios.

Brian’s knowledge of the entertainment industry and the complexities of media finance place him firmly as ReelArt’s Head of Business Affairs.